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Ecosystem Conference

The Dialogue draws a huge gathering of interested individuals from diverse backgrounds. Hence around the time of the Dialogue, we also have other events and activities to enrich your understanding about the Sandbox. Read on to find out more about each event. Please note that some of these events require separate registration.

Development Dialogue 2018 LEAD Prayana Commencement

LEAD Prayana Commencement

3 joureny one moto: Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka: LEAD PRAYANA is an annual leadership journey organized by the LEaders Accelerating Development (LEAD) wing of Deshpande Foundation for about 120-150 youth in the 18-26 age group. Participants travel by bus across Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for two weeks to meet extraordinary personalities from different fields in their remarkable workplaces, listen to motivational speakers and network with prospective employers. The objective of the journey is to give a life-changing learning experience which can unleash the leadership potential in each participant.

Development Dialogue 2018 Krishi Sinchana Farmers' Mela

Krishi Sinchana Farmers' Mela

This event showcases Deshpande Foundation's partner organizations working in agriculture and attracts a few thousand farmers. Extraordinary accomplishments of pioneering farmers and inspirational keynote speakers provide valuable information and confidence to help the farming community cope with challenges and thrive. The entire event revolves around the theme of the year and also includes resourceful panel sessions and info-exhibit stalls. Farmers get ample opportunity to share and learn best practices, later adopting them in their own fields. High achieving farmers are identified and jointly facilitated by Deshpande Foundation and its partner organizations on this day.

Development Dialogue 2018 Education Conference

Education Conference

The Education Conference allows teachers and community education workers from the Hubballi Sandbox area to share exceptional experiences and learn about current global best practices in education. The Deshpande Foundation's education partners lead this event which connects more than 300 local teachers with concerned government officers and international pioneers in the education sector. This high take-home value conference typically has two main speakers and many panel discussions on topics of relevance and interest to teachers.

Development Dialogue 2018  Arogya Prerana Conference

Arogya Prerana Conference

This Health Conference brings in community health workers, end-users of various healthcare interventions, practitioners and experts from the Hubballi Sandbox area to share noteworthy experiences and deliberate on appropriate issues. The event is piloted by the Deshpande Foundation's health partners and typically has two main speakers and panel discussions on current topics of concern and significance to the audience. The conference inspires community health workers to become more sensitized and dedicated, making healthcare more accessible and effective at the grassroots, for the needy.

Development Dialogue 2018  Kakatiya Sandbox Development Dialogue

Kakatiya Sandbox Development Dialogue

Development Dialogue (DD) is a conference that brings together people who believe in, and are involved in, creating Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystems. The theme for this year's dialogue is "Collaborating for Big Bets". We will explore how we can leverage the benefits of collaborating with each other to achieve exponential growth in social impact on the ground. The conference is expected to bring together different stakeholders such as, innovators, government officials, impact investors, philanthropists, academicians and executives responsible for corporate social responsibility to facilitate collaborations for long-term impact.

Development Dialogue 2018  Delegates' Field Visits

Delegates' Field Visits

Field visits are organized a day before the Development Dialogue (5th February) to familiarize delegates with the spirit of the Sandbox Ecosystem, through exposure to the unique programs and activities, carried out by Deshpande Foundation and its partner organizations in the region. Interaction with communities and field staff of different programs gives important insights into how 'Entrepreneurship and Innovation' are being practiced at grassroots. We invite you to experience the contextual landscape of our work beforehand, based on which you can make the most of conference, in perspective. It is a full day event, Delegates are expected to arrive in Hubballi by 1st Feb evening as the Field Visits is a full day event, beginning as early as 6.30 am on 2nd Feb.

Development Dialogue 2018  Sandbox Samvidha Finale

Sandbox Samvidha Finale

Deshpande Foundation's Sandbox Samvidha has held a series of pan-India multi-city pitches by social enterprises and not-for-profits, adjudged by eminent experts of the development sector. Hear the best of social entrepreneurs pitch for partnership with the Sandbox to an eminent jury. The day provides great opportunity to connect with expert mentors across the social sectors.

Development Dialogue 2018  Startup Dialogue Conference

Startup Dialogue Conference

Startup Dialogue intends to create an exciting platform for all the stakeholders (Enablers, Social & for profit Startups, VC's /Investors, Startup enthusiasts, Leaders) of Indian Startup ecosystem to come together and celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship. Startup dialogue - 2018 comes with a series of exciting panels lined up to comprehensively enable the ecosystem, networking sessions for all the stakeholders, along with Startup Challenge: B-Plan competition, Speed Dating with VCs, Startup Expo and Developthon.

Development Dialogue 2018 LEAD Prayana Commencement

Yuva Summit + Stalls

3 joureny one moto UP, Telangana, Karnataka Yuva Summit is a national conference on youth leadership, development and entrepreneurship conceived by the LEAD team and executed by renowned academicians, entrepreneurs and enthusiastic youth. On this occasion, hundreds of young college students showcase their innovative leadership projects which have solved many outstanding problems in their community, in the sectors of health, education, agriculture, livelihoods and technology. The conference also includes LEAD Talks and academic panel discussions, concluding with the Leadership Awards ceremony. Please Register Here to participate in YUVA Summit 2018.

Development Dialogue 2018 LEAD Navodyami Sammelana

Navodyami Sammelana

This unique Sammelana is a confluence of budding and blooming micro-entrepreneurs in the fields of food, textiles and handicrafts, joined by industry experts, bankers, and government officials from FSSAI and CFTRI. Vital information like current trends, technology, beneficial banking and government schemes and legal formalities is provided via lectures and panel discussions. This year's selected Navodyamis will also be announced and awarded on this day. Entry is free, so please do participate and take home all the knowledge shared.

Development Dialogue 2018 LEAD Kaushal Dialogue 2018

Kaushal Dialogue 2018

Deshpande Educational Trust, housing the biggest skill development center in the country, is hosting its first ever Kaushal Dialogue, on February 4th, 2018 in its campus on airport road, Hubballi. Over 350+ delegates who are bringing about a skilling revolution in India are expected to participate in the event. Given that India has the largest youth population in the world, the Kaushal Dialogue - sponsored by the National Skill Development Corporation - will focus on how greater productive collaboration among stakeholders can be facilitated, to make India the world's most skilled nation.


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