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Development Dialogue 2017

The theme of Development Dialogue 2016 was Execute Locally, Innovate Globally

'Scaling Effectively'

The theme of Development Dialogue 2017 was 'Scaling Effectively' in the space of social entrepreneurship. Effective scaling implied scaling faster, with better results and lesser resources. It is easier said than done and hence a Dialogue over one and half days presented very rich insights into the theme through conversations among social enterprises, startups, philanthropists and other like-minded participants who believe in putting entrepreneurship at work to make larger impact.

We were proud to host over 30 international delegates and over 100 speakers along with an equally awe-inspiring audience of select 450 people who travelled to Hubballi to contribute to the Dialogue. Year 2017 marked a special space in our journey ahead as Sandbox, as we announced the launch of Skill Center and Incubation Hub for startups in Hubballi.

Development Dialogue 2016

The theme of Development Dialogue 2016 was Execute Locally, Innovate Globally

'Innovate globally, Execute locally'

The theme of Development Dialogue 2016 was 'Execute Locally, Innovate Globally'. The discussion focused on the necessary elements to achieve impact, such as relevant and co-created innovations, execution ability, appropriate infrastructure and government support.

The 2016 Dialogue hosted 70 Speakers of national and international repute and included over 450 delegates. The highlight was the Keynote Speech by Nobel laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus, and the event also included 17 panel discussions on a variety of topics such as 'Scaling Up Skill Development', 'Including Diversity', 'Livelihoods' and Public-Private Partnerships'.


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